Interior Reconditioning

Interior Reconditioning

Interior Reconditioning

Over time your vehicle can fall victim to a ripped or damaged interior. One alternative to replacing all of the upholstery inside a car is to restore the upholstery. At Distinct Detail, we offer affordable, reliable auto interior repair services.

 Vehicles with both cloth and leather upholstery can be restored to a like-new appearance!  We are especially good at cleaning leather upholstery. You will see we have another section of the site dedicated to just our leather cleaning and conditioning services. It is very important to follow the proper steps when cleaning leather. If you don’t take the proper precautions you could permanently damage your beautiful leather interior. Let our crew do it the right way for you!

Nylon upholstery is one of the most common materials we see. It is very durable but also loves to collect dirt and other messes. Our professionals will vacuum all debris, apply detergent, and scrub the upholstery with great care.

Another popular upholstery we see is polyester. It resembles a nice suede and is very comfortable. The texture of polyester means it gets dirty quite easily and can be quite difficult to clean. Fortunately, we are experts at treating polyester. We source the best solutions designed for cleaning microsuede and polyester and will treat your polyester interior with the utmost care.

Vinyl upholstery is generally easy to clean, but we know that there can be tough stains and accumulated mess that only a professional can take care of. Our cleaning professionals will leave your vinyl interior looking spotless.

Faux leather is yet another upholstery we often find ourselves cleaning for clients. Faux leather is waterproof but does require good maintenance and it is important to clean it properly. Our team is prepared to spend the time needed to spot clean every inch of your faux leather upholstery to ensure you have that ‘like-new’ feeling when we are done with it.

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There are several types of upholstery in car interiors. We are prepared to help you restore whatever upholstery your car has.

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