Paint Sealant

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Paint Sealant

A popular option for protecting a vehicle’s clear coat, paint sealant is a great long lasting solution for the wear and tear your vehicle will go through on the road. Sealant is a blend of synthetic ingredients, polymers, and waxes engineered to maximize the surface shine of your vehicle.

There are many benefits to Distinct Detail’s paint sealant services. Your paint will have a deeper and glossier appearance. The protection offered by sealant will outlast and outperform a natural wax. You can expect the results to remain for up to 12 months. Even better, there are many acidic contaminants such as acid rain, bug splatter, and bird droppings, which cannot penetrate a properly applied paint sealant.   Once applied, future cleanings will be made much easier by the hydrophobic properties of the sealant. Water, dirt, debris, mud, grime, chemical residue, and more will roll right off of a good sealant. Schedule an appointment today!

We are ready to help you keep your vehicle looking pristine with our paint sealant. Give us a call and let us know how we can help.

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