Detailer Interview – Distinct Detail – Chemical Guys Smart Detailing University 

We are here today in the Smart Detailing University detailing cage with a special guest for you. Scott and Lisa from Distinct Detail are here today to tell us all about their business. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Distinct Detail is one of the most pristine autos detailing companies.  Scott and Lisa work on a lot of high-end car restorations in Arizona and across the United States. They mainly work on Lamborghini, Bentley, Ferrari, and Bugatti. These are specialty cars that you sometimes only see in a museum. They are some of the most pristine and expensive cars around the world. 

A few months ago Scott and Lisa enrolled in Chemical Guys Smart Detailing University and received their certification as Master Auto Detailers. In this short interview, we talk to them about the university and how they are doing in the auto detailing industry. How it served their business to make it better for everyone including their clients and themselves. 

We speak with Scott on how he got into the world of auto detailing by starting with detailing on the side after 15 years in the industry. They started their journey of working together at race events, teaming up to prepare the cars for the tracks and photography. After being noticed at the race events for their pristine attention to detail, Distinct Detail evolved.  Scott says that it’s an honor to work on these cars, knowing that people trust you to take care of their expensive automobiles. One of the most exclusive cars they recently worked on was a 1956 Ferrari 250, Testa Rossa. A truly outstanding car worth 16 million dollars of automobile machines, with only 3 of them in the world. Distinct Detail is known for its intense attention to detail, garnering a high level of appearance and satisfaction from the client. They always strive for the next level of perfection. Scott says that this level of confidence came from taking SDU master training. He learned everything from the business, different detailing systems, and how to deliver the best results possible.    Check out the full interview below:  Read our article on Medium!